Express Your True Beauty

Where beauty meets the beach!

Where beauty meets the beach!

Ambassadors Program

Palmpe Ambassador Program

We are a group of creatives that love jewelry, fashion and most importantly the beach.  We come together to share our passion and love for these things. We believe that brands are not built by one person but built by the community that represents it. Because of this, all branding decision about adding new products and designs are chosen by our ambassadors all around the world. No matter if you have 1million followers or not, we know you have what it takes! 

👩‍💻Content | Fashion | Style🌴

📸 40k+ Brand Ambassadors Worldwide

Join our ambassador program and get access to endless brand opportunities. 

By invite only.

📍 3 free products to model in

📍 60% off store wide for life!

📍 Earn $5 every time one of your friends of followers use your code!

📍Exclusive photoshoot opportunities! 

📍 Featured on our social media 


Apply and then Dm us on Instagram 1 out of 1000 applications are accepted.

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